Co-founder of Raízes, Mariana has a wide experience of management of collaborative projects, enjoying to formulate strategies in order to bring collective dreams into reality. She’s always showed interest in cultural diversity, photography, maps, history and stories. Mariana is volunteer director of Bagagem Project and during her free times she enjoys reading and being with people she loves. Before she founded Raizes, she worked at a public Institution and local associations that promote tourism development. The creation of Raizes in 2006 came as an inspiration from her experience as a co-founder of Territorio, a junior company of the graduation course on tourism at UFMG. As someone who seeks new experiences, Mariana has already lived in the USA, Italy, Sao Paulo, Vitoria and currently she lives in Rio de Janeiro. Despite this she most certainly belongs to Minas Gerais.


  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Team management
  • Assertive non-violent communication
  • Optimism and persistence

Academic Background

  • Doctorate in Social Ecology and Community Psychosociology (UFRJ)
  • Masters in History and Social Fundamentals of Architecture and Urbanism (USP)
  • MBA in Social Enterprise Management (Dom Cabral Foundation)
  • Specialist in Urban Planning (PUC-MG)
  • Undergraduate degree in Tourism (UFMG)

Projects of Raizes that she’s been part of