Dona do meu Fluxo 2017

Period and duration

from 14 to 25 of June 20017 (11 days) + 3 months of preparation


Project from Raízes in partnership with Korui

Coverage and location

Minas Gerais countryside (West North) and Jequitinhonha Valley


Our tram on field:

Mariana Madureira, Jussara Rocha, Maria Luiza Spolaor, Adriana Campos (videomaker) e Yasmin Carmorari  (Korui)


Local mobilazation :

– Damiana, Daiana e Diana Campos

– Andréa Alves

–  Monique Barboza

– Valdirene Santos

– Deuzani Gomes

– Anísia Lima

– Edilucia Borges

Women empowerment is one of the premises that leached into Raízes’s essence since its beginning, starting with its two founders, Mariana Madureira and Mariana Costa, and Jussara Rocha, partner and consultant, who later joined the team. Besides a primarily feminine collaboraters team growing over time. But not by accident. As much as possible, our projects involve a certain relation with women. This time, we acted with a partner producing something completely intended for this public: the menstrual collector.

Side by side with Korui, our team went through more than 3 thousand km in 11 days, through the Minas Gerais countryside. And we distributed hundreds of menstrual collectors for women from those most vulnerable communities. The idea of this empowerment project, conceived by Korui and Raízes Sustainable Development’s women, was to realize workshops to bring information and offer menstrual collectors to women in vulnerable situation.

But that wasn’t all as you can see here. The idea was deeper and more impactful!


Empowerment in the vein – Testimonies, records and such

A quilombolas women group realized some beautiful reports about the woman relation with the moon on the field. Others peripheral groups related how prejudice against women of their neighborhoods was hurting. A stigma that is unfortunately still limiting their activities, if not inhibiting them to enter the working market.

We were very happy to be able to discuss with the women shaping the neighborhood in Jequi about how their lives are modeled. “Sorority and mutual help” were themes of the workshops and it quickly became a reality – some of them created meeting groups encouraged by the project. More details about it here.

But as we know, the biggest impact is visual. That is why, in addition to all of this, we invited a videomaker to board on the project with us! And the elected was Adriana Campos, who wonderfully registered it! You can check below the first part of a series we are going to lauch every week.

The amazing edition is the blessed fruit of Luan de Paulo. And the soundtrack is from Diadorina, feminine band from the Minas Gerais countryside.

Main results

3 thousand km in 11 days through the Minas Gerais countryside and distribution of hundreds of menstrual collectors for women from those most vulnerable communities.

Number of beneficiaries

Positive impact for hundreds of women.


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