What we do

Our expertise is to promote transformation from the promotion of the roots and culture of each locality.

Our working methodology is flexible and adaptable to different contexts. We focus on people (human-centered design) and the needs of individuals in different cultures and circumstances. Our projects are co-created with clients and beneficiaries, and are often the bridge between businesses and communities.
We believe that, from its conception, the project should demonstrate collaboration and co-responsibility. This is because we approach development in a systemic way, that is, in a complex and interconnected way.

Our fields of activity


We believe that social justice and diversity matter. All the material riches that exist today stem from the cultural, natural and diverse wealth that was available. If we want to keep moving forward, we must contribute to the restoration of these original riches, else we are not going to be able to maintain our pace of prosperity anymore.

How do we do it?

Our working methodology is flexible and adaptable to different needs. There’s no cake recipe!  But we draw possible steps to make the possibilities of co-creation of projects with Raízes more tangible.

Do you identify with our purpose and believe that our services can help you and your organization achieve the impact you crave?