Integrated tourism development and its associated production

We see tourism and its associated products as a way to include people and add other business activities to the sector. Our vision always comes from the point of view of valuing the territory and the culture, and rescuing regional history, while also being compatible with the conservation of the environment, and generating a more humane and integrated form of tourism for the destination.

We ensure that we work through the lens of sustainable tourism. Our main aim is to strengthen foundations. Therefore, in order to generate opportunities so that the touristic flow generates income for even the most vulnerable people, we need to include them in this chain.

And how do we do that?

Through actions related to tourism and its associated production that stimulate craft, gastronomy, agricultural ecology and culture.

These are projects in:

  • Entrepreneurship and income generation;
  • Entrepreneurial qualification and business modeling;
  • Human and systemic development;
  • Network governance.

For the needs of each territory, we design what will be implemented.

One example is that we see artificiality taking over tourist areas through the so-called (pejorative use of) “industrianato” – which is “industrial craftsmanship”. It. consists of nothing more than a product that might look like it is handicraft, wood, etc., but mechanically manufactured and on a large scale.

Therefore, one of the paths to follow is the strengthening of traditional practices, and the rescuing of history, something that needs to be done at every stage of the industry, including craftsmanship. What, then, does this include? A clay pot? Ceramic utensils? Weaving? We identify and classify these features and act so that the entrepreneurs involved are trained and given the autonomy necessary to generate income, thus aiding local sustainable development.

Good practices

We also believe in slow tourism and agricultural ecology as possibilities when developing tourism and its associated products. We seek to include businesses with good practices as part of this supply chain, at a fair price and living up to a relationship which is compatible with the preservation of nature.

“Many land-linked entrepreneurs (agricultural forestry, ecology and permaculture systems) are very clear about how precious this approach is to their business, as it goes far beyond simply caring for the land, showing how agricultural production can be done with respect to all forms of life and without the over-simplification of systems.

Complex systems ensure that life shines through and that all life forms are considered, revered and stimulated. If consumers are aware of businesses that have this concern in their value propositions, it is time for entrepreneurs who are still living in a paradigm that no longer makes sense to also awaken to the wealth of regenerative economies”, explains Lucila Egydio, sustainability consultant and project coordinator at Raízes, in an article for Impact Hub.


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