Tourism Development in Mato Grosso State – Raízes Araguaia Project

Period and duration

February to October 2019 (8 months)


Project in partnership with the Araguaia League

Grupo Roncador

Fazenda Água Viva

Coverage and location

Municipalities visited

Barra do Garças – MT

Nova Xavantina – MT

Água Boa  – MT

Cocalinho – MT


Lucila Egydio

Tauana Costa

This project is a partnership between Raízes and The Araguaia League, a group of farmers from Araguaia Valley region at the state of Mato Grosso that are interested on implementing good socioenvironmental practices on their rural properties. The project aims to identify the potentials of Serra do Roncador and Araguaia Valley regions to elaborate a regional program of tourism development.

The area is extremely rich in natural beauties, astonishing and practically untouched. A strong segment is the mystic and religious tourism that already happen and is getting stronger. Innovative initiatives on sustainability are being implemented on the cattle and crop farms of the region, amongst other peculiarities. The potential is huge, but it will require planning and structuring actions.

The main motto is to face the tourism as a vector for local development, generating inclusion through income diversification and keeping the rural workers and landowners on the field, strengthening the bonds with the territory, besides adding value to the environmental assets inside the rural properties.

The following activities were performed:

  • Mapping the key regional stakeholders;
  • Fieldtrip to recognize the territory;
  • Interview with key stakeholders;
  • Study of secondary data;
  • Design of a tourism development program.

About Araguaia League

In a moment that food safety and climate change mobilize the society in the whole world, the Araguaia League leads a movement since 2014 to adopt sustainable practices for livestock production at Araguaia Valley.

The movement’s purpose is to promote the socioeconomical development of the region by raising income and productivity, respecting the current legislation and the limits of the natural systems.


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