Content creation, workshops, lectures and engagement campaigns

Raízes Sustainable Development is a social business that works with solutions for sustainable tourism, income generation and collective governance. We have our own flexible methodologies that we use as tools to evaluate the territory and culture, rescue regional history, ensure we are compatible with the conservation of the environment and generate a more humane and integrated tourism for the region. To share the knowledge we have accumulated in more than 15 years of our Brazilian journey, we organize and offer workshops, lectures, courses, content creation and more.

For us, knowledge is something that goes far beyond data: it is about sharing wisdom to transform people’s lives, strengthen their income potential and serve as a bridge between companies and communities.

Content creation

In the first eBook published by Raízes, you will find feedback, case studies and articles from our experts inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN 2030 Agenda.

Such initiatives amount to a global call to end poverty, protect the environment and climate and ensure that everyone can enjoy peace and prosperity.

These 17 Goals were created collaboratively by experts to guide people, businesses and   governments in their decisions to build a fairer and more balanced world. Therefore, we have reflected on which of them our work can contribute towards and compiled them in this publication.

Raízes also works with content development for sustainable tourism for partners.

We have already carried out projects for Sebrae in the  development of a publication on National Parks, and we supported IABS in transforming the legacy of tourism in Baixo Sao Francisco into a book, among other actions .

Lectures, courses and workshops

We also organize and offer lectures and courses on the topics of entrepreneurship, tourism, association activism and networking, community development, sustainability innovation and collaborative management.

We have, to date, conducted more than 300 workshops and 150 lectures in total.

Some of our most recent highlights: the Tourism Planning for Municipal Managers Workshop, held for the Gold Tourist Circuit Association; and the Lecture to the Collaborators of Pinheiro and Neto Law Firm on Menstrual Poverty in Brazil, with the money accrued towards “Owner of my flow”, our own social project in partnership with Korui.

Engagement campaigns

In terms of campaigns co-created by us, we highlight the Green Passport, which was a campaign proposed by  the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in order to promote sustainability in tourism.

On the one hand, it sought to speak directly with both tourists and residents of destinations, and on the other, to open a dialogue with the trade about things such as lodging, food, agencies and operators.

A second edition of this project was designed exclusively for the Rio 2016 Games. That year, Raízes Sustainable Development was responsible for training project/initiatives managers and entrepreneurs in how to be more sustainable in their actions.

Another good example was the Pantanal Expedition. The purpose of this campaign was to bring light to the initiatives that contributed to the sustainability of the Pantanal biome. This was done through formal interviews conducted by the project managers.

Among the actions we carried out in partnership with others, we launched a blog, publications, and videos in 2011 focusing on the  realization of two more projects: the exhibition “O Pantanal é Aqui” and the radio program “Prosa Pantaneira”. Both aimed to disseminate the sustainable practices addressed throughout the Expedition.

We are very proud of all the work we have done, which is the result of our expertise in the field as well as the continuous effort of our employees.

Do you identify with our purpose and believe that our services can help you and your organization achieve the impact you crave?

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