Mentoring, incubation and business acceleration

Here at Raízes, we understand and promote entrepreneurship as a way to achieve autonomy, especially for women and vulnerable populations. Having your own business can allow for greater flexibility and creativity – especially in today’s world where there is a lot of work, but little employment. Therefore, one of our main fields of activity is business modeling.

How we do it

We start by identifying the purpose of the business. The methodology we use is one called “Golden Circle”.

Created by the leadership specialist Simon Sinek, it aims to improve the performance of companies in the segment in which they operate, through the way they think, act and communicate. It seeks to answer three key questions: what, how and why?

By asking these questions we can find out what motivates people to work, i.e. believing in some cause or due to personal taste and talents, for example. And it is the very people who benefit from the social projects which include the business modeling stage that bring us the information. From there, we develop the next steps – always starting with why and looking for businesses that are connected to people’s talents and desires.

Beyond the Golden Circle

After this initial step, we use the “Business Model Canvas” to develop the business modeling. We have adopted this methodology because it has proven to be an effective way to make a business plan faster.

What we mean is that the business plans of old were very long, including market research – sometimes very time consuming – and that often caused the business to take a long time to start acting on their de facto needs. This is why we currently work with prototyping.

Prototyping can be done with Canvas, which helps you see business modeling since the different areas are interconnected, including the target audience and different stakeholders. This way, it is possible to understand the viability of the business and have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), to generate immediate prototyping, roll out market tests and so on.

From this stage onwards, the business can be quickly started and gradually improved.

The profile of people benefited by the projects in which Raízes collaborates

We have a core goal in our social business: to serve more vulnerable communities in particular. Many of these people have little access to this kind of technical information. In addition, there are many social businesses which “seek to make a positive impact on a community, broaden the perspectives of people marginalized by society, and generate shared income and financial autonomy for lower-class individuals” (Sebrae’s definition of social impact businesses).

As such, we seek, through our strategies to respond to the needs to make effective and faster business designs for different areas.

What is the profile of the contemplated businesses?

They can be individual, familiar or even collective. We also believe in the power of shared networks, and a lot of our performance happens through small businesses working together.

And who can hire us for an entrepreneurial qualification and business modeling?

Foundations, corporations, networks or associations (entrepreneurs, for example), organizations, etc.

Do you identify with our purpose and believe that our services can help you and your organization achieve the impact you crave?

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