The Project ArteCarste was idealized to give strength, potential, and introduce to the world this unique culture.

Season and Length

2012 to 2014 - 22 months


Association of Tourist Circuit of the Caves. Sponsor: TAM and Brennand Cimentos.

scope and location

Regional. Tourist Circuit of the Caves.

municipalities visited

municipalities of Baldim, Capim Branco, Cordisburgo, Jequitibá, Funilândia, Lagoa Santa, Matozinhos and Sete Lagoas.


Mariana Madureira (coordinator) Jussara Rocha e Marianne Costa (instructors)

Other instructors: Ana Vitória Alckimim, André Maciel, Bárbara Maciel, Bruno Oliveira, Elisa Alkimin, Júlia Assis, Lizandra Barbuto, Maria Luiza Spolaour e Virginia Alfenas.

Interns: Anderson Silva, Mayara Quirino e Isabela Pôssas

The name “Carste” is given to a geographic system composed by caverns, sinkholes, water with large amount of calcareous, rocks with optimal properties for fossilization and, specifically in Minas, the presence of a wonderful culture.

The Project ArteCarste was idealized to give strength, potential, and introduce to the world this unique culture. Its main objective was to promote local craftworks and make it become a real source of income for the families of the Tourist Circuit of the Caves. The project intends to improve the quality of the art works, and as a consequence, increase the life quality of the artists by valorising their work and helping their financial independence.

The work began in 2012 as a proposal of the association Tourist Circuit of the Caves, headed by Raízes and sponsored by TAM airlines and Cimentos Brennand.

The area has a notably fragile environment, marked by rich archaeological and paleontological patrimony. For this reason, activities like livestock and extensive agriculture could potentially damage the environmental and archaeological patrimony.

Considering those factors, the craftwork comes up as a solution for the increase of local income without offering any risk to the nature.

Relevant benefits of this project were the qualification of the workers, the development of interpersonal relationships and the collaborative effort for creative brainstorm and entrepreneurship.

Positive impacts

  • Training with workshops of design, marketing, associations, and benchmarking trips
  • The use of images, textures, colours, objects and materials from the area
  • Creation of a rich report on the fundaments of the local craftwork based on the region’s history, culture and other local characteristics
  • Development of art work
  • Improvement of the craftwork offered to inhabitants and tourists
  • Renovation of artisans’ self-esteem
  • Income growth

Main results

  • 8 municipalities mapped
  • More than 150 artisans mapped
  • 50 people selected for trainings
  • More than 200 hours of capability: design, entrepreneurship, associative capabilities
  • 1 benchmarking trip to Brasilia
  • The creation of an association with 24 members
  • Development of 2 art collections with more than 15 exclusive pieces
  • Opening of a conceptual shop at Cordisburgo

Number of beneficiary

50 people selected for trainings

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