The project looks forward to build side by side with the community of Morro d’Água Quente a program of income generating […]

Season and Length

June 2015 to September 2016 (14 months)


Vale Foundation

scope and location

Morro da Água Quente – MG

municipalities visited

  • Morro D’Água Quente
  • Catas Altas
  • Ouro Preto
  • Mariana

Catas Altas and the District of Morro d’Água Quente are directly affected by the mining operation of Vale do Rio Doce on the area where they are located.

The local community reflects very well the positive and the negative sides of the mining activity in the area, since the gold Era of extraction of the minerals, until its decline and crisis.

Therefore, the rich architecture and historic importance constitute features that attract tourism to the area. Other things, such as the jabuticaba wine, are also symbolic for the county.

Considering this, this Project looks forward to build side by side with the community of Morro d’Água Quente a program of income generating focusing on the gastronomic characteristics. We intend to valorise the local production and give incentive to the cooperation among the inhabitants, which can develop a creative economic activity among them.

Our main public target are the women of the region, and the steps of application of our action must be:

  1. Mapping of potential local actors;
  2. Field visits and interviews with stakeholders, selecting who is interested on being part of the program;
  3. technical and management qualification for creating collective results;
  4. Inspiring actions for the entrepreneurs;
  5. Events to test the local suppliers;
  6. Development of a creative collective enterprise.

Positive impacts

  • New products created
  • Increased income generated by the marketing of products
  • 03 jobs created
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Mapping of new entrepreneurs
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Increased of local self-esteem
  • Institutional Partners and supporters:
  1. Catas Altas Secretary of Tourism and Culture
  2. ACNASC – Communitary Association of Nascentes e Afluentes of Serra do Caraça
  3. APROVART – Association of Wine Producers, Family Farmers and Other Crafts of Catas Altas
  4. Parish Nosso Senhor do Bonfim
  5. Tourism Gold Circuit – Between Mountains
  6. SENAC MG – Project Primórdios of the cuisine from Minas Gerais
  7. Rancho do Pote Restaurant
  8. Bom Sucesso Farm
  9. Loc Palco
  10. Nascentes Inn

Main results

  • Mapping of 25 producers of food products
  • Co-creation of a collective enterprise: Sabores do Morro Market
  • VII Editions of Sabores do Morro Market
  • A logo created and strengthened
  • Facebook page
  • 10 qualifying activities: lectures, workshops, film exhibitions
  • 15 qualifying meetings
  • 03 inspiration trips ((BH / Aproxima Market, Caraça Sanctuary)Group insertion on Project Primórdios of the Gastronomy from Minas Gerais Between Mountains – From Piedade to Caraça / Senac
  • Participation in external events in Catas Altas, Santa Barbara and Belo Horizonte

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