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We were created to transform people and places by valuing and promoting socio-biodiversity.

We are a social business that designs and implements territorial-development and social-transformation projects based on entrepreneurship as a way to empower vulnerable groups and strengthen socio-biodiversity. We work to reduce social inequalities (SO10), promote gender equity (SDGs5) and foster fair and dignified work for all (SDGs8).

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We have become a social business because we understand that companies have a role in creating a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative system. The strength of businesses should and must contribute towards a paradigm shift that respects nature and empowers the best in people. We want to be better for the world!

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We believe that opportunities change people and people transform places. Therefore, we place our bets on entrepreneurship as a form of emancipation and autonomous, interdependent action in the world. In this sense, we foster businesses that value and promote sociobiodiversity. We see human relations and governance as nodes of the web that sustains complex solutions, and that is why we believe that collective solutions, being more resilient than individual ones, can and should be developed.

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