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Amazon women receive menstrual cups and workshop on women empowerment

By 20 de August de 2018March 29th, 2023News, Projects, Tourism, Videos

Dona do Meu Fluxo means owner of my own flow and it is a project created and executed by Raízes in partnership with Korui. The project has a new date and place to happen and this time it will benefit the women of the Amazon, specifically from the islands of Cotijuba and Cameta, state of Pará. And another novelty: this time we will also have the support of Natura, a company that shares with us and Korui the desire and the mission to appreciate and empower women.

Just as in the previous edition, which was a pioneer, the goal is to take information to the communities about the use of the menstrual cup, but also about healthy choices, women’s rights, sexuality, Sacred Feminine, sorority and more, through playful and relaxed workshops. The action is planned to the end of September, when the “cups” will be donated to the riverine women with few access conditions to the menstrual cups.


Inside the territory

Cotijuba is one of the 42 islands that forms the archipelago of Belém. The site has been transformed into an Environmental Protection Area and preserves rich flora and fauna. Just across the river you can reach 15 kilometres of fresh and warm water beaches bathed by the Marajó and Guajará bays.

Cametá, on the other hand, presents a quite appreciable rustic and natural beauty. On this land several dances and traditional customs of Pará were born. It´s traditional June Party is famous, besides having one of the best carnivals of the state.


The female force

The women from these two islands work most of the time in the Brazilian nut harvest, gathering a world-famous and delicious nut from the Amazon. The territory also supplies raw material for most of the products manufactured and sold by Natura, a great Brazilian cosmetic company (which recently acquired Avon, Aesop and The Body Shop), yet another reason for them to support the initiative, further benefiting the region.

Considering both the territorial and social aspects, this becomes even more important from an environmental point of view. We will be able to raise the awareness of the communities that live there and, at the same time, warn them about waste and disposal, which is always a problem, especially on islands. This is one of the many benefits of the menstrual cup: it eliminates the use of sanitary pads and tampons for up to 10 years. Think about how much waste can be spared in that timeframe…

Dona do Meu Fluxo in numbers 

In 2017, the Dona do meu Fluxo project traveled for 11 days and almost 3000 km with a volunteer team. Workshops were held in the countryside of Minas Gerais state, distributing hundreds of menstrual cups to women from the most vulnerable communities of the region.

The experience was great, very rich both personally and professionally and fun for all involved. We brought many stories to tell, not to mention the harmony between Raízes and Korui, which was the best possible. So good in fact that we want it to happen again!

[You can learn more about the previous edition here].

We are eager to experience this dialogue and exchange with such strong and inspiring women once more. And if you also want to experience some of that with us, go ahead and browse through the posts at the official project profiles on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for @donadomeufluxo. Spreading the word is also a way to contribute!

Thank you and more news about this project will come soon.