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Escola do Mar (School of the Sea): female emancipation for young people from the Extreme South of Bahia through Tourism

By 28 de April de 2023September 25th, 2023Projects

Imagine contributing to the female emancipation of young people with a professional experience in the labor market of nature tourism and free training, in the extreme south of Bahia?! This is the purpose of the Escola do Mar (School of the Sea) initiative, a project of the Move Association in partnership with the Center for Research and Extension of Environmental Education of the Federal University of Bahia and sponsored by the Boticário Group Foundation.

This action was made possible through the RFP Teia de Soluções (Web of Solutions) – called Áreas Naturais Protegidas (Natural Protected Areas). In this initiative, proposals with practical and innovative ideas aimed at promoting nature tourism or water security were selected.

In addition to this sponsorship, other types of support have made the project viable. Raízes, for example, will contribute voluntarily through the work of professionals Mariana Madureira (co-founder and executive director of Raízes), Jussara Rocha (partner and project director), and Tauana Costa (project specialist), providing all the contents and training throughout this period.


“The Escola do Mar (School of the Sea) is made possible by collaboration! With this in mind, we invited several institutions, companies and people involved in the conservation of socio-biodiversity and the promotion of nature tourism to be part of our Partnership Network. Believing in our purpose, the network collaborates with Escola do Mar by offering thematic workshops, professional experience and logistical support”, says Bruna Canal, one of the founders of Escola do Mar.


Thematic workshops and other experiences

The thematic workshops have three main foci: nature tourism, conservation of socio-biodiversity and female empowerment. We got involved in such initiative because Bruna is one of Raízes’s consultants in the territory and worked during the Tourism + Sustainable and Business Acceleration of Socio-biodiversity Projects, in which we already had the chance to support businesses within the region.


Over the course of a year, those selected will participate in:

  • thematic workshops based on local potentialities;
  • professional experience in the labor market of nature tourism
  • inspiration, welcoming, and dialogue exchanges that correlate learning with female emancipation


The main objective of these actions is to expand women’s emancipation and enhance nature tourism. We believe that, by supporting this, we enable the socioeconomic recognition of protected natural areas, strengthening the conservation of socio-biodiversity – especially in the Extreme South of Bahia, Brazil.


About Caravelas and the Abrolhos Land and Sea Territory

Caravelas is one of the oldest historical cities in Brazil. With pulsating cultural life and diverse expressions of popular culture closely linked to the elements of nature, Caravelas is in a region of important protected natural areas. This is the case of the Abrolhos Marine National Park and the Cassurubá Extractive Reserve, which help protect the region with the greatest marine biodiversity in Brazil and the South Atlantic.


How to participate

“We are now at the stage of selecting the young women . Very happy and excited to meet the face of each one who will get to experience all of this with us!”, concludes Bruna.

The selection will take place after the registration period, until May 5. The vacancies are aimed at students of the afternoon and evening periods of the Polyvalent College, which is located in the region. Completed forms must be delivered to the pedagogical coordination (Sarah) at the institution’s premises.


Learn more about the initiative through their profile on Instagram: @a.escoladomar.