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Inside the ecosystem of acceleration and business incubation

By 13 de April de 2023September 25th, 2023Projects

Raízes already has dozens of incubated businesses, having almost hit the 200 mark in 2022 (and we should surpass it this year).

Here at Raizes, we understand entrepreneurship as a way for people, especially women and vulnerable populations, to achieve autonomy. And given this scenario, the business incubation process strengthens these communities since it offers technical, managerial, and complementary training to entrepreneurial people, facilitating technological development and access to markets and investments (we talk about the difference between origination, incubation, acceleration, and mentoring here).

Now, Raizes has the opportunity to discover even more about the acceleration and incubation ecosystem by being part of the 1st class of the “Strategic Management of Organizations to Support Impact Business” Course, promoted by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICE). This entity brings together companies and investors around social innovations that can leverage personal and philanthropic investment in order to promote social inclusion and poverty reduction in Brazil.

ICE has existed since 1999 and among its premises are: the articulation and engagement of transformative leaders; essentially cooperative and collaborative work; and the production and systematization, as well as the dissemination of knowledge – where the specialization of which we are now part of comes in.


More about the course

The “Strategic Management of Impact Business Support Organizations” is an intensive and practice-oriented course, aimed at managers and leaders of the incubation ecosystem, accelerators and other organizations supporting impact businesses, for the promotion of financial sustainability, management improvement and institutional strengthening of the participating organizations. 30 initiatives with two participants each have been selected. For Raízes, partners Mariana Madureira and Jussara Rocha will be joining as the company’s representatives.

At each module, practical activities are carried out with the support of expert mentors. These may entail the application of theoretical knowledge, methods and tools to the practical reality of our social business. And the best part of it: at the end, Raizes will receive a free mentorship in order to support the application of the contents and development of an action plan for the future!

We at Raizes are very happy to be part of the group and this initiative! Online classes began on March 15 and will end on June 2, 2023. Pretty soon, we will be able to share more news about business incubation here.


Learn more about ICE actions on their website: