Lucila has experience in projects involving sustainability and tourism, therefore she loves to work with the harmony that exists between humans and the environment. Her interests throughout her life were based on the connexions between living beings and their environments. She recognizes how important is to match the design of spaces to the activities that will be carried out there. Before working at Raízes she had large experience in the private and public sector working with tourism inside Brazil and also with international cooperation programs.


  • Achieving real results
  • Collective Creation
  • Non-aggressive communication
  • Assertivenes
  • Advocacy

Academic Background

  • Gaia Education
  • Permaculture and Ecological Construction (IPEC)
  • Post Graduation degree in Ecotourism (SENAC)
  • Graduated in Biological Sciences (USP)

Projects of Raizes that she’s been part of

Other Projects

  • Executive management of SOS Pantanal Institute
  • Benchmarking of Social and Environmental Practices/ Toyota Project
  • Organisation of the II Turisol Meeting