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Mãos à Moda (Hands-on Fashion): creative entrepreneurship and identity diversity in Minas Gerais

By 28 de February de 2023September 25th, 2023Projects

“The transforming force comes from the territory and not from outside of it” is one of the premises of the Mãos à Moda (Hands-on Fashion) Project. Conceived by Sebrae Minas and with a methodology co-created with Raízes Sustainable Development, the initiative aims at economic dynamization, income generation, and social innovation through creative entrepreneurship in the fashion production chain in Minas Gerais.

The first edition takes place in partnership with the Municipality of Almenara (Lighthouse), highlighting the riches of this municipality in the middle of the Jequitinhonha Valley. The city brings in its trajectory a living culture that emerges from the waters of the Jequitinhonha River and reflects the creativity of its people.


Local championship

As stated at the outset of this article, power lies in the integration of local wealth, fostering the strengthening of the production chain, creative entrepreneurship of fashion, innovation and the creation of new individual or collective entrepreneurs. Mãos à Moda (Hands-on Fashion) starts from the following premises:

  • The transforming force comes from the territory and not from outside of it;
  • The project is co-created with the beneficiaries and partners;
  • Focus on entrepreneurship and local championing;
  • Valuing identity, knowledge, traditional crafts and local potentials;
  • Adoption of the best socio-environmental practices;
  • Vision of real transformation and sustainability.

In the photo that illustrates this article, the embroidery master Adelicia Amorim shows her work.


Methodology and implementation steps

“The project aims to provide opportunities for qualification and growth of an entrepreneurial environment through the fashion production chain in the city, providing real connections with the market. This materiality is built by considering all the specificities of the target audience and the territory – knowing that projects of this nature bring, above all, processes of culture change and vision of the future. In addition, considering that these changes do not occur in the short term, so considering the timeline constraints to ensure that they are effectively sustained,” explains Jussara Rocha, head coordinator of the project from Raízes.


In this way, the methodology developed foresees the realization of the project in five stages within a period of 24 months (two years). They are:


1 – Mapping of the territory;

2 – Training for production and management of fashion business;

3 – Innovation laboratory;

4 – Business selection and incubation;

5 – Market access.


In addition to these, activities on gender equity, social cohesion and psychosocial attention of the participants will be transversely carried out.


What has already been accomplished

The official launch of the project took place this year, on January 12, during an event promoted by the City Hall of Almenara, SEBRAE MG, SESC Almenara and other local partners. The event highlighted artists from the city through a fashion show, an exhibition of handmade products, music and poetry.

Right then and there, there were talks about the importance of the project both in the qualification and generation of work, but especially regarding the possibility of creating an authorial brand and having visibility throughout the country. Because of this, more than 300 people have shown interest and, next month, will be invited to the detailed presentation of the Project’s business framework.

Raizes managed to launch the work process of the first stage – Territory Mapping – still in February itself. A kick off meeting was held with Mayor Ademir Gobira, municipal secretaries and representatives of SEBRAE MG, Raquel Canaã and Humberto Rodrigues, as well as meetings with other local partners.

We are excited by the initial engagement of the territory and hope to reap the fruits of creative entrepreneurship in fashion. Keep following the news updates!