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Videna Lab is a business model based on shared value among agricultural producers through the transfer of knowledge and income to farmers. Videna developed a  laboratory model of the multiplication of microorganisms which is adaptable to the reality of the agricultural environment,  where it provides technical-scientific guidance and operational coordination services so that producers can assemble their biological raw material/supplies autonomously, with low cost and high efficiency, aiming at reducing the use of agrochemicals. There currently is an MVP – minimum viable product site in operation since 2021 in the  Region of Primavera do Leste in Mato Grosso, Brazil, within the Cerrado biome, on a farm of 9,000 hectares of soybeans and corn. 

 This site captures, isolates and multiplies natural beneficial microorganisms from the Cerrado biome on rural properties through VIDENA LAB and apply them in regenerative agriculture, replacing insecticides, fungicides and chemical nematicides (pesticides) with equal or higher efficiency than synthetic products. The results have a broad scientific basis. 



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