Maria Preta

Varronia curassavica is a shrub native to Brazil belonging to the Boraginaceae Family (synonym = Cordia verbenaceaeD C.) which is associated with the Atlantic Forest biome. The essential oil of this shrub has become important because it is the raw material for the production of the first anti-inflammatory herbal medicine developed in Brazil. Varronia curassavica is a very abundant plant in the Miramar Association, located in the city of Eunápolis, Bahia, Brazil. It is referred to by the farmers as “Maria Preta” and is considered an unwanted species due to its presence in the agricultural areas and pastures. Many farmers weed or burn these areas prior to planting. Thus, the objective of the project is, by implementing a micro-distillery in the Miramar Association area, to develop a business plan for the production chain of the essential oil of the Maria Preta species.


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