Empório 77 Bistrô

  |  2022

The Bistrô Empório 77 is a charming gastronomic space in the historic neighborhood of Matozinhos, in Itabirito, Minas Gerais, Brazil,  managed by the entrepreneur Fernanda Carolina, or Carola. The business was incubated by the Territorial Development and Social Transformation Project of Itabirito – MG, an initiative from Vale, executed by Raízes. At the beginning of the project, the bistro was behind closed doors, functioning only for lunch deliveries due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  During the incubation process, Carola turned the business around by restructuring management, redefining its communication strategy and  creativity use. Along with Chef Alex Bogas, Emporium 77 Bistro offers a menu that highlights regional identity and the memories that create it. With the application of seed capital, it was possible to install a removable roof and expand the space needed to resume activities, in addition to the acquisition of utensils and kitchen equipment. At present, the Emporium welcomes the public to lunches and cultural and private events, as well as working exclusively with local products, adding to the creative circular economy and sustainable connections.


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