Élvia Niquini Confeitaria

Élvia is an individual entrepreneur, confectioner, producer of chocolates, sweets, special breads and other delicacies, with emphasis on party cakes for events such as weddings and birthdays. Inspired by her mother’s recipes, she reinvents sweetness in the form of new flavors and shapes. The confectionery was incubated by the Territorial Development and Social Transformation Project of Itabirito – MG, an initiative of Vale, executed by Raízes.  With the incubation, Élvia was able to professionalize her confectionery business, define her product portfolio, scale her target audience, and open new markets. Through seed capital, it was also possible to make physical adjustments in the infrastructure of the kitchen, adapting it to sanitary surveillance standards, as well as to acquire equipment that facilitated the improvement  of confectionery techniques.


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