Biofábrica de Corais

The Biofábrica de Corais is a biotechnology and reef ecosystems restoration startup from the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. It services customers interested in promoting the restoration or coral reef resilience of a given area.


The company includes R&D activities focused on developing and validating products and processes restricted to the purpose of coral management, developing tools that improve the prospect of restoring reef environments, as well as  licensing brands and technologies resulting from this process for use by third parties. The startup partners within a tourism company for immersive experiences with the reef environment, either remotely or in person, creating the opportunity for tourists to participate in coral management programs. It also conducts courses and training for operational partners, tourists, enthusiasts and groups. Biofábrica de Corais was one of 30 businesses accelerated by Raízes in the Socio-biodiversity Business Acceleration Project,  with a focus on the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest.



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