Os Canarinhos de Itabirito

Coral Canarinhos is a non-profit association founded in 1973, with the purpose of training children, adolescents, and young people in music and for life, promoting differentiated and transformative educational and artistic experiences. Serving 220 people from all walks of life and for free, the Canarinhos of Itabirito have been nurturing musicians and singers for almost half a century, building a musical legacy that is consolidated in the city year on year. The Canarinhos were incubated by the Project of Territorial Development and Social Transformation of Itabirito – MG, Vale’s initiative, executed by Raízes. Within the incubation process, the professionalization of the association’s work was the focus, with the objective of innovation in business management. With the application of (seed) capital, a new coral website was created.




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