A João

The “a João” is a brand of non-gendered fashion by stylist and entrepreneur João Paulo Souza. The brand proposes to strengthen the discourse on racial equality and gender equity. With the motto – “Neither masculine nor feminine, the a joão dresses people”, the pieces produced by the stylist, born in Itabirito, Minas Gerais, Brazil, aim to represent diversity, respect and freedom, as well as great practicality, comfort and beauty. A João was incubated by the Itabirito-MG Territorial Development and Social Transformation Project, an initiative by Vale, executed by Raízes. During this incubation, creator João promoted the management, communication and commercialization processes of the brand. With the application of the Seed Capital, João acquired equipment for the production of the pieces, revamped his e-commerce and expanded investments in communication and digital marketing. All collections can be purchased on the site, including pieces from the #NossoEncontro initiative, developed in partnership with the C&A Institute.




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