Season and Length

April to June 2016 - 3 months


SEBRAE Paraíba

scope and location

Paraíba – PB

The SEBRAE PB course organised by Raízes

Raízes has been one of the new SEBRAE PB facilitation course: Entrepreneur in sustainable territorial vision formation. This action was made for tourism entrepreneurs and managers of the state.

We were responsible for Module 9 : Creation of new companies – the touristic activity as a local and regional development factor.


What was our goal with this course ?

The aim of the course was to find a new approach to the sustainable development. Beyond being a model of an economic activity matching with a sustainable territorial development, it is an adequate model for new consumption experiences.

Composed of nine modules, the course dealt with territorial vision aspects, such as : governance, leadership, competitiveness, social capital, innovative management and network working. As a result, the participant became a tool to create efficient and innovative strategies.

The main objective ? The development of theplaces. We acted in order to attend people, companies, public managers and society to answer challenges appearing with new economic conditions, with competitive products and services for a globalized market.

Main results

Enlargement of the experience and rural tourism concept, based on an entrepreneur vision and on a sustainable territorial development vision.

1 trip of benchmarking / inspiration

21 people directly attended

210 undirectly.

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