With knowledge on Project Management, Experience Design and Group Facilitation, Tauana´s passion is to bring together the best of this universes to create transformative projects besides meaningful and fluid experiences. She works on the social entrepreneurship universe since 2009 and has acted mainly in Social Innovation, Human Development and Multi Stakeholder Co Creation Projects, having big companies as clients and articulating institutions on different sectors of the society. Her love to experience new cultures made her transform her life and depart on a sabbatical journey around the world. This experience resonates deeply on her everyday life and openness to the new.


  • Deep listening
  • Ability to synthesize and read insights
  • Clarity and objectivity
  • Transit between worlds, from local communities to international partners

Academic Background

  • Graduated in Tourism (School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo – ECA/USP)
  • U Theory – Design and Facilitation (Presencing Institute/MIT)
  • Social Innovation (Design Thinking School)
  • Human Centered Design (IDEO/+Acumen)