The integration with nature, body and meditation guides personal and professional life.
The focus on personal processes is the result of experiences that began with admiration for humanity at a young age, from spiritual search to therapeutic training and working with people.

Lizandra works as an international consultant in processes of change and development of people and organizations with a focus on the release of collective wisdom in collaborative projects. She believes that the world will be better if people are healthy, enjoying their talents and receiving recognition for their contribution to a healthier world.

She believes that life is a gift and only by taking care of that gift you can enjoy it. She puts herself in service to help people reach their full potential.


  • Pensamento Sistêmico
  • Criação Colaborativa
  • Gestão de Conflitos
  • Conexão com a Terra
  • Espiritualidade
  • Flexibilidade, persistência e disciplina

Academic Background

  • Graduação em Terapia Ocupacional – UFMG
  • Especialização em  Desenvolvimento Humano – UFMG
  • Neurociência e Comportamento – UFMG
  • Sustentabilidade Integral – FADITU. Instituto Visão Futuro

Outras Formações e Treinamentos:

  • Facilitação método Dragon Dreaming
  • Gestão para Sustentabilidade – Fundação Dom Cabral
  • Gestalt Terapia – Escuela Gestalt Sur (Montevidéo- Uruguay)
  • Terapia Integrativa – Escola SAT – Claudio Naranjo
  • Constelação Familiar – IMAHOM


Projects of Raizes that she’s been part of