Nossa metodologia de trabalho é flexível e adaptável a diferentes necessidades. Não tem receita de bolo! Mas a gente deixa aqui um desenho de etapas possíveis para tornar mais tangível as possibilidades de co-criação de projetos com a Raízes.

We consider it crucial that the projects we work with are sustainable in the long run. In order to achieve this Raízes works with community members to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to monitor and evaluate the impacts of their project while also developing and maintaining their customer-base. We believe that development and empowerment takes time.

Consequently, we are committed to providing the time and care needed to help these projects succeed. Raízes believes that development and empowerment take time and care. Big changes within organizations, including the creation or spread of collective business, require time and intermittent care.

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